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This valve is a closed-loop control Proportional Electro-Hydraulic valves. Closed-loop control achieves high response, high precision and high performance (flow control and pressure control). We have completed the series, 4 models, the max. flow from 125 L/min to 600 L/min.


The flow control of this series was adopted by a new developed small solenoid, together with spool-position-detection LVDT & pressure sensor. It can detect the position and flow of the flow control spool and respond to the control system. It can perfectly achieve high response, high precision and high performance closed-loop control. (flow response is standard, pressure response is options.)


ELFB(C)G-06 was designed by big flow, and the max. flow of this valve can reach 600 L/min. The dimension and weitht of this valve are smaller than traditional valves and it will help to make equipment smaller and lighter.