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The Past History

May, 1969 Yuken Kogyo Co., Ltd. came to Taiwan and established Taiwan Hydraulics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Office was located at No. 4 Min Sheng Road, Taichung and manufacture was located at No. 581-1, Ji Shan Road, Zhu Shan Township, Nantou County. Capital : NT$6,000,000.
May, 1981 Head office was moved to No. 242, Chong Der Road, Taichung. Capital : NT$ 18,000,000
May, 1985 Office and Manufacture were all moved to current address in Taichung Industrial Park, area is 9,543 m2. Capital : NT$41,000,000.
October, 1986 Taipei Office was opened
July, 1988 The large multidimensional CNC machinery was imported from Japan. Capital : NT$ 50,090,000.
May, 1995 A newly modernized assembly line was set up. Capital : NT$ 80,680,000.
July, 1996 Started exploring overseas market, mainly focus on China, North America and Southeastern Asia.
March, 1997 was awarded ISO-9002 certificate and built up international level quality system.
January, 1998 A new second Manufacture was set up at No. 6 7th Rd., Taichung Industrial Park, Taichung, Taiwan, area is 5,623 m2.
Capital : NT$ 88,750,000.
May, 2000 Company name was modified from "Taiwan Hydraulics Manufacturing Co., Ltd." to "Yuken Hydraulics (T.W.) Co., Ltd."
February, 2002 was awarded CSA-C/US certificate, to strengthen our competition in North American market.
May, 2002 was awarded ISO-9001 certificate and scaled new heights of quality system.
October, 2002 Organization simplified, management institutionalized.
June, 2003 Production line readjusted, equipment reinforced, production rationalized, striding into a new milestone.
January, 2004 Reinforce production equipment. Capital: NT$ 90,000,000
April, 2005 Proportional Valve was awarded CE certificate.
November,2005 Solenoid Valve was awarded CE certificate.
November,2008 Solenoid valves with monitoring switch were patented in Taiwan
March, 2009 Solenoid valves with monitoring switch were patented in China.
June, 2010 Solenoid valves with monitoring switch were awarded CE certificate.
December, 2011 2nd manufacture's expansion is finished.